Build trust with a secure digital identity ecosystem

Verify and authenticate the identity of global customers with IDUX while guaranteeing end-to-end privacy and security to engender customer trust in your business.

why IDUX

Improve customer experience while balancing fraud prevention

Reduce fraud losses

Confidently verify customers and prevent account takeovers with our suite of identity proofing and fraud detection tools.

Enable low-friction onboarding

Remove high-friction processes by leveraging passive liveness and eliminating the need for repeat verifications.

Improve operational efficiency

Automate workflows and processes so you can deliver frictionless online interactions with minimal manual intervention.

Verify identity information

Digital transformation has shifted the demand for digital onboarding into a necessity. With IDUX, you can confirm the identity of global users within seconds, minimising friction for growing customer expectations.

Know your customer ->
Identity verification
  • Maximise success rates

Flag and update incorrect or inaccurate information during the onboarding process and before verifying the customer.

  • Scale and go global

Confidently verify acceptable, reliable and independent source documents, data and information from over 100 countries.

  • Minimise input errors 

Automate data extraction allowing customers to scan and transform their document into a machine-readable and editable format.

  • Resolve failed verifications

Automate exception handling workflows and request the customer to provide another form of identification during onboarding.

Fraud detection

Detect fraudulent users

Synthetic identities and account takeover threaten the security of the customer journey. So we've optimised our fraud detection capabilities to enhance your identity-proofing and authentication processes by providing an extra layer of trust to an identity claim.

Prevent online fraud ->
  • Stop presentation attacks

Compare a selfie of the document holder to the photo ID and test for genuine presence via passive liveness detection.

Reusable KYC! Your customers can reuse their digital identities with sister companies once they have been verified through IDUX!
  • Detect fake documents

Capture and collect data from an ID while verifying extracted information and checking the authenticity of the document.

  • Prevent fraud at login

Incorporate a one-time passcode to authenticate the identity of your users before a person can access the service.

  • Identify voice biometrics

Record a user and match their unique frequency characteristics against text-independent and text-dependent recognition.


We make it easy to get started and scale

So whether you need to meet multi-jurisdictional requirements, business objectives and risk profiles or even to scale globally, you have complete control and the flexibility to evolve as the threat landscape changes.


Simplify your integration using IDUX. Our Saas and Hosted solution make it easy to get started and verify your customers within hours.- with only two lines of code.

Get started instantly ->

1 // Enable IDUX verification flow 2 <script src=""></script> 3 <script>idux.render('body');></script> 4 5 // you are all good to go 6 7


Design your own verification workflow using IDUX - our smart, flexible components. You have complete control to meet your KYC obligations and business objectives.

Build custom workflows ->
Utility classes
Security & privacy 

Enable customer centricity 

IDUX enables customers to feel safe and secure throughout the entire customer journey. Our ecosystem is designed with privacy top of mind.

Protect sensitive data

To build trust and confidence, we do not store PII other than necessary authentication data.

Increase data control

To put users in control of their data, we support informed consent and user-friendly instruments.

Provide data transparency

To ensure peace of mind, we supply every little detail on our data rules and polices.

Leaders in compliance 

IDUX is certified and adheres to the highest industry standards with ISO27001, SOC2 Type-II, SOC3, including regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.